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We currently support the following charity this year  :

Nuneaton and warwickshire wildlife sanctuary charity

Registered Charity Number:
111 6741

Geoff Grewcock opened the sanctuary in 2001, he made sure that the sanctuary was dedicated to caring for sick and injured wildlife. They take in any wild bird or animal with any injury, getting them better with the complete aim of releasing them back to the wild where they belong.

They also take in Swans, foxes, badgers, robins, blackbirds, owls, hawks, kestrels, ducks, finches, hedgehogs, pheasants and many more. Their success rate is about 70%.

The sanctuary was set up solely for wild casualties, but due to inconsiderate so called loving pet owners, They had to open our doors to small domestic animals as well. So now they provide a safe haven for dumped, unwanted and miss-treated rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, ferrets, chinchillas, cockatiels, parrots, budgies, the only pets they cannot take in are cats and dogs, this is due to limited space.

They try and find loving new homes for 99% of the domestic pets...

The nuneaton and wariwckshire wildlife sanctuary do such a wonderful job we at Haddon's have decided to support this charity.

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